Thursday, July 18, 2013

Giving You the Bird (and the Squirrel and the Bunny)

One of the things I absolutely love about this house we are renting is the upstairs living room.  There is a huge, double sliding french door leading onto the patio and backyard.  So much glass there is about 12 feet of nothing but almost solid glass (although very dirty with doggy noses and my failed cleaning attempt with the wrong product).

There are also two bird feeders which were left here and they hold both seed and suet blocks.  I have been stocking them for the past month or so for the birds.  We have our share of chickadees and wrens, a couple of doves and now the magpies.  But last night we had a rain storm and as I am becoming use to now in Montana, there is no rain without wind....and I mean WIND.  So this morning there was seed that was scattered across the patio.

I'm up, watching the Tour de France, feeding Lady K at 6 a.m. and look out to see a bit of fog (very unusual to see here I think) and birds.  Not just one or two, but enough are gathering so that you start to look for Alfred Hitchcock lurking in the backyard.

So the cyclists on TV, which normally hold my attention, are now competing for attention with the birds.  This morning, in addition to the normal crew, we had starlings and ravens and a second squirrel.

(Please note:  these pictures were taken through a patio door so look a little cloudy at times.  Sorry.)

At the feeder nearest the door

Some babies never get too big to be fed by parents. 

An attempted murder

Waiting Magpie
Everyone waiting their turns

Waiting at the feeder at the end of the patio.  Love the colors in the magpies.  They aren't just black and white.

A little squirrel action.  Turns out there are actually 2 in the yard now.

 So after all the bird and squirrel action, Texter was up and the three of us made our way downstairs (where I am suppose to be sewing) and we hear a noise in one of the guards around the basement windows.  Yep, baby bunny has fallen into the guard and since it is about 18 inches deep (or more) can't get out.

Lady K was less than thrilled about the whole "adventure"

Texter wanted to keep the bunny she rescued.  

We named him Spot because of the dot on his forehead.

All in all, it was a very busy morning with our feathered and furry friends. 

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