Monday, July 15, 2013

The Romance Is Over!

One of the things I have enjoyed about moving to Montana is the different flora and fauna.  Things I have only read about, or seen in pictures, or on a quick trip somewhere, are now growing in my yard.  A completely different set of birds to learn to recognize has been a lot of fun.  One of these 'new' birds are magpies.

I have read about magpies and seen pictures of magpies and when we first moved to Helena and they were in the neighbors yard I was thrilled.  Their jaunty black and white feathers with a blue/green coloration in the sun.  They were so CUTE.

There were two bird feeders left at the house in the backyard.  One was out at the end of the patio in a tree, the other hanging by the back patio door.  So I did what any responsible bird lover would do, I put seed and suet in them (they were bigger, dual feeders).  Soon wrens and chickadees where coming on a regular basis.  After them came a pair of morning doves.  Then came the magpies!

Just like that cute boy in school you longed for from afar, but when you got to know him you realized what a mistake even knowing him was, that was my relationship with the magpies.  They discovered the feeders too.  And moved in, literally.  

They have taken up residence in our backyard.  The dogs tick them off.  People tick them off.  Other birds tick them off.  Life in general seems to tick them off.  Did I mention they make ALOT of noise?  And not sweet, musical calls either.  Loud, obnoxious calls.  Constantly.  They also dive bomb the dogs.  At first, I was rooting for the birds not to get caught by the dogs.  I've switched sides now.  A mouthful of feathers wouldn't be amiss now.  Nothing life threatening, but maybe enough to scare them off for a bit.

So we have a pair in the backyard.  And their young brood.  This is now THEIR territory.  Yep, the love is gone. 


  1. Oh boy. So sorry. I'm hoping that you find a way to convince them to move somewhere else.

  2. Find a stray cat that isn't afraid of your dogs, I bet it would help the circle of life and maybe the birds would move out.


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