Tuesday, October 29, 2013

And today's homework will be.....

Well, I had to settle down tonight and do some homework.  Yesterday was all about art quilts and creating my own quilt.  Yep, right out of my own little head, down to the fabric and to a finished quilt.  I left so jazzed and all 'creative' that the homework project I just couldn't get an inkling of an idea of what do to, popped in front of my face....literally.

Posted to my Facebook page was a tutorial listed by Photoshop Roadmap on Photo Text Splash Effects. 

See, I had to come up with a Halloween or Fall themed e-postcard and post to the web via the school browser.  Fine....if I had an idea of what I wanted to do.  And this I saw the tutorial and lightbulbs went off.

First, I played with using Lady K as my subject.  After all, I wanted to see just how it was going to go.

It was a great tutorial, very easy to follow and I love the outcome.  So then I pulled some of my pictures of fall leaves and created my homework assignment.

I love it because it almost has a watercolor feel to it, at least in the splashes around the words.

But then I broke down and did a Halloween themed one.....

It's scary on more than one level!

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