Sunday, October 27, 2013

Falling Into Winter

Tonight and tomorrow is suppose to be the first real chance of snow here at my home in Helena.  We have had snow "just up the hill" from us and the surrounding mountains are wearing a thin coat of snow, but my front yard is suppose to get 1-3 inches in the next 36 hours.  Snow in October!  My little Southern heart is pounding and I have this insane urge to run out and get milk, bread and toilet paper (actually, we are all set on all three).

But the foliage has been beautiful so far.  I stepped out into the backyard yesterday morning as the sun was coming up and took these pictures of the leaves in the early morning light.

There is a huge spruce tree in our backyard.  It drives the dogs crazy because it is usually filled with birds.  But the morning light turns these blue-green needles to gold.

Even the most mundane of trees (if there can be a mundane tree) are gilded in the morning light.

The light here and the "big sky" are fantastic just about any time you care to go outside.

The crab apple tree has become a golden apple tree in this light.

But my favorite tree and one I have fallen in love with, is the Weeping Birch.  It has all the hanging branches of a weeping willow that I am use to.   The leaves are small and there are millions of them on a tree.  It also has the white bark with the black markings of a birch tree.  And in the fall it turns to molten gold, just dripping off the branches onto the ground.

How can you not feel rich with that in your view?  

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