Monday, October 21, 2013

Sew Sew Saturday Recap

I am discovering with my many 'activities' I really need to make a plan of attack, so to speak.  It seems if I make a list of what I want to get accomplished in a given day, more seems to get done.  I prove this too myself over and over again, and then forget to do it, over and over again.  On Saturday, I got up with the intention of getting some sewing projects either out of the way or onto the next step and I did accomplish that goal.

First off, I did have my able-bodied assistant, so gets paid in Cheerios, Goldfish, hugs and kisses.  She is happy to play on the floor in the sewing room.  I need to rearrange the contents of one cabinet so I can put toys in there for her to open and play with as she gets a little older.

Both my girls never gave me an issue with getting into any of my knitting, cross stitch, sewing projects as they were growing up.  They would look and watch, but never had an issue with them.  So I am hoping that is passed down to Lady K.  I do give her scraps of fabric to 'play' with and that keeps her occupied for a bit.

I needed to finish sewing up the last 15 hexes for my One Block Wonder quilt that I had cut out.  I wanted to free up the design board for a couple of other things.  This is what I have so far toward the quilt.

My plan for this is a couple of boarders, one in purple batik and the other in the original fabric.  That should give me a nice, large throw sized quilt.  I have enough fabric for creating octagons rather than hexagons using the same One Block Wonder premise.  So I may do that to see what the difference is in the finished product.  So the next step is to get some purple batik (and I might get some graduated colors and go from dark to light on the batik boarder) and separate the hexes into light and dark and sew it up.

So the hexes were pinned together by Texter and removed from the board so I could get onto what she really wanted me to be working on....the shoes for Lady K's Halloween costume.

The pattern is quick and easy and produces a cute 'shabby-chic' baby shoe.  Since she won't be walking on it and will have on tights (like most babies would), the fact there are seams inside the shoe is no biggie.  The most time consuming part of the pattern is quilting a 12 X 12 piece of fabric for the shoe before you cut out the pieces.  I couldn't do the pinking on the edges as my pinking shears are in storage in North Carolina still.  But for what we need them for, this is great.

Month 2 of the "Joy" quilt was last Friday night.  Saturday morning, while all the instructions were still semi-in-my-head, I sewed it together.  Not happy with some of my points, but on a galloping horse.....

Once again, I reversed some of the dark/light squares since my background is very dark.  I'm pleased with how the quilt is looking so far.  One of the nice things about the class is that I can see how others pick fabrics for the same quilt pattern.  That is probably one of the more valuable things I am walking away with - just how different the blocks look with different fabrics.  Also, two of the people who were in last years class brought in their finished quilts.  Once again, different fabrics, totally different looks.   So I am saving my pennies to have it professionally quilted once finished.

Finally, I was able to get to the project I really wanted to be working on, my 'Fractured Grinch'.   This is one of the blocks, which to me, looks suitably 'Seuss-like'.

So now my week is planned out with my library schedule, homework and projects.  And I plan on next Saturday to be another Sew-Sew Saturday.  During the week I will hopefully finish up the unicorn hat for Savvy and the Downton Abbey hat for me.  

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