Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Not Just for Trains Anymore

The house we are renting was apparently built by a gentleman who was a model train hobbyist.  In the basement, where my sewing room is located, are two drop-down tables which were used to set up model trains.  Now, years later, they are being used as cutting tables!

Texter has a 'tote project' going on.  I told her I would do the sewing, but she had to cut out the totes for me.  She We are using Trendy Totes and Carryalls by Taylor Made Designs for the bags.  She saw them made up at the quilt show in April and has been wanting to make some of the bags for her Lady K's use.

We are doing the two on the bottom in the middle.  Texter plans to use them as purses/diaper bags.  And she wants a couple of her new niece.  

Since we are using 3-4 different fabrics on each bag, she wanted to be able to lay everything out and 'plan'.  Yesterday we lowered the tables for the first time and the seamstress in me is delighted.

The larger table is being used as the 'planning' table.  It's chair height, but plenty big for laying out a big project.  The other table is just wide enough to accommodate fabric and cutting out patterns.

Although Texter doesn't sew, she has an excellent eye for colors and plenty of ideas.  So the first bag is cut out and Thursday I will devote entirely to stitching bags for her.  Since it is suppose to be cold and rainy/snowy, it will be a perfect day for sewing, with dinner cooking in the crock pot.  I will post the completed totes later in the week. 


  1. Nice pic of me mom.. couldnt have found a better one or waited for me to stop telling a story.. i look stupid!

  2. how wonderful to have a joint project like this x looking forward to the finished bags xx and how great that the creativity continues in such a great environment xx


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