Monday, November 03, 2014

Mandala Monday and Pre-Halloween Fun

Triforce Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween was pretty busy at our house this year.  Lady K was hold enough to really trick-or-treat.  Not understand it, but old enough to grab candy for me herself.  Texter was involved in a bake sale fundraiser and baked for two days solid, bagging brownies and cookies until she was just sick of them.  She also managed to carve a couple of pumpkins for the front porch between batches of cookies.

Triple Divide Mandala
Savvy and I on the other hand made a pre-Halloween stop at Triple Divide Distillery to finally try them out.  Mainly because I had seen their Facebook page with the Candy Corn Drink on it and wanted to try it.  Savvy had a Lavender Love to start with.

This was our first time in Triple Divide and were very pleased.  The bar itself is pretty with the thousands of pennies embedded in the top.  The bartender was nice and very willing to talk to us about the drinks (it was a slow night for them too).  The place is small, so you won't get a huge crowd in there were you can't enjoy the company, which is really nice.  I enjoy doing what Savvy and I did, going in and having a couple of drinks and some good conversation.  Mainly our conversation this time was pouring over the menu of drinks and discussing what might be good.

Since there is a limit on the number of ounces you can consume there (taproom laws), our second round of drinks were a Last Call (raspberry syrup) and a Fall Harvest (cranberry).  Triple Divide is most definitely on our places to revisit again and again.

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