Monday, November 17, 2014

Mandala Monday

This is Leafcrone.  She is my 'main' on WOW.  To interpret, she is my main character I play on the online game, World of Warcraft.  I created her about 10 years ago (THAT LONG!) when Savoria started playing the game with her friend, Poogles, and I wanted to be an alert parent and check out exactly what was going on.

She is/I am a feral night elf druid.  In other words, I can turn into a panther and stalk around killing things, gathering herbs and crafting potions.  And yes, I am 57 years old.  And yes, I love it.  There are people online I have known for 10 years now and watched them, via the internet, have kids, etc.  Of my daughters and myself, I am probably the most consistent player, just plodding along, doing my 'thing'.

Why do I mention this?  


Yes, I have homework, I have NaNoWriMo, I have reading, I have a million other things to do and I have moved from level 90 to level 95 in the past few days, sacrificing other things so I can squeeze in a few hours here and there of play time.  And I have to play through the 21st as that is WOW's 10th anniversary and I want to see what 'gift' I get for it.

At one time, I was paying for three accounts monthly, so we could all play.  I have a road trip in the near future to meet up with a couple I have played with for years that live in Boise.  (We are trying to decide to meet up in Boise or all go to Salt Lake City.)  I enjoy the game, the questing, and all the other things which make up WOW.

So, before you poke fun and turn up your nose at me and my 'gaming', remember the next time you sit down at your stupid football or baseball game, or load up your golf clubs, I'm sitting here turning up my nose at you.

Off to do my dailies!

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