Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week In Review - August 14 - 20

The 'fairy garden' we made about 6 weeks ago is now overflowing the pot and looking very lovely.  In fact, the chair and table in the garden are starting to get a bit overwhelmed.  But it sits on the side of my desk by the window and is lovely.  I would still like a small cup and saucer to add to the table for a bit of whimsey.

And I am hoping a 'friend' will be joining it shortly.

I usually miss it, mainly because it has been held in our now-defunct-except-for-Penney's mall.  But this year it will be between the library and Parrot!  So I can hit it for a bit on Friday, Saturday will be a miss, but can show up on Sunday.  Hopefully, I can pick up an orchid or two....for my birthday.

But this week has been full...

  • Only finished 1 book
  • Walked 55,788 steps or 80% of goal.  14,592 of that was just on Saturday!
  • Posts written - 3
  • Picked up Texter's books for the semester 
  • Signed up for Books 'n' Bloggers swap
  • Set up days for NaNoWriMo at the library in November
  • Attended staff meeting at the library
  • Lady K got registered for soccer
  • Found out I won office massages and will set up the date with them on Monday 
  • Took a day trip to Great Falls for a bit of shopping (very, very small bit)
  • Worked 2 days at Parrot and brought home a pound of chocolates for the family

So the coming week is going to be hectic until we get a routine established...

  • Texter and Lady K start back to school - well, school for one and daycare for the other
  • Silent Writing session 
  • Talk to Silent Writing person about possible programs in 2017 and NaNoWriMo tie-ins for this year
  • Office meeting at the library on Tuesday before work at the Parrot.
  • Meetup to learn about chakras - of which, I am convinced, mine are all misplaced and out of alignment
  • Knitting meetup on Wednesday after work and before I do my pickups at school
  • Clean house!
  • Work on planner class (for real now!)
  • Set up September pages in planner - changing things up just a tad on a couple of items
  • Concentrate on drinking more water and eating better.  Have to balance out the 'broken' chocolate.
  • Meeting to discuss plans for constructing a castle for the entrance to the library.

So now, to warm up my cup of coffee, change into clothes and start cleaning which listening to videos!

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