Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week in Review - August 21 - 27

In the back corner of fiction at the library, is a huge hibiscus 'tree'.  One of my co-workers noticed two buds on it a week or so ago.  I went and checked on it the other day and this was the display.  A huge, multi-petaled flower.  Not your normal, single petal hibiscus.  Beautiful

Anyway, this week has been busy.  School started for Texter on Wednesday, which means daycare started for Lady K.  She is back with her 'kids' and has a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (her current favorite) nap mat.  While everyone is glad to be back at it, there is the adjustment period getting use to the new routine.  Which means up at 5:00 a.m. for me in order to get my 'quiet time'.

Otherwise during the week...

  • Attended the knitting group at the library after my shift was over on Wednesday.  Progressing along on the dragon hat.
  • Trip to the thrift store and netted some goodies in relation to my planner class (post coming on that).
  • Attended staff meeting on ideas on how we are going to change up things with relationship to our 'desks' physically.
  • Worked on handouts for my planner class.
  • Cleaned up and out my huge list of bookmarks on the computer and put them in the proper file.  Weeding on the files will be taking place soon.
  • Set up September in my planner.
  • Met with co-worker to discuss building a castle (more on that at a later date)
  • Good day for tips at the Parrot on Tuesday - meant Texter had some extra money for snacks and drinks and work and a bit of grocery shopping.
  • Worked on new idea for staff picks at the library - need to do some typing up there!
  • Discussion of new idea for staff picks netted me two new books to read, along with the ton I already have.
  • Received my swap partner info for the Books and Bloggers Swap.  Can't wait!
  • One book finished
  • Walked 47,281 steps or 68% of goal (and losing my fitbit for 24 hours!)
  • Wrote 2 posts

So this week - 

  • Shortened version of the planner class for college class
  • Bee Hive block for August and my block for September where I am the Queen!
  • Write my French pen-pal (so sad, I'm behind)
  • Create a powerpoint for my planner class for library
  • Phone meeting with dietitian for work on my eating habits and general health
  • World of Warcraft Expansion out - can I afford to purchase it this next week?
  • Working out details on new tracking system for long term goals (after all I have a ton of planner 'stuff' now!)
  • Getting my rows completed on the Knit and Swirl Sweater for August

So off to get a new cup of coffee and start pulling fabrics and sewing!

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