Sunday, August 07, 2016

Week In Review - July 31 - August 6

One of my options for walking home is going through a tunnel to get to the neighborhood on the other side of a wide street.  I usually don't take it, but it was hot and I needed some 'space and time' to walk off a bad day at work.

When I entered the tunnel, which has graffiti in it, there was a strong smell of paint.  Apparently, it is going through a 'renewal'.  But this time there is some wonderful gold paint on one side and silver on the other.  I love the artwork.  Of course, it may signify 'kill everyone', but it is interesting and pretty.

And no, that is not a Pokemon character, although there is a Pokestop just outside the tunnel.

But the large, jarring pictures and colors suited my mood.  Then when I exit the tunnel, there is this building up on the side of the hill.

Not sure what exactly the building was built for or currently being used as, but I would love to have some huge potted trees on the deck.  Maybe a pergola.   Somewhere to sit and read or talk with friends on a summer evening.


This past week...

  • Got a new part time job working a couple of days a week at the Parrot Confectionary
  • Saw the new Star Trek Beyond.  Now I'm really excited for the new series starting in January.
  • Worked at 1+1=1 Gallery and found a piece of pottery for an upcoming exhibit I am going to have to have
  • Saw a hummingbird visit the hollyhocks next door
  • Walked on 63% of my steps for the week or 43,781 steps
  • Finished 1 book
  • Wrote 4 posts

So now for the coming week...

  • Take pictures and start power point for Planner Class
  • Working on Bee Hive square for August
  • Finish sewing up a skirt
  • Work on dragon scarf and hat while watching Olypmics
  • Start my new part-time job
  • Attend Silent Writing on Monday night

And next Saturday will be filled with Kids Fun Fest in the morning with Lady K and Texter.  And then in the afternoon/evening, with Savvy, at the Montana Brewers Summer Rendezvous.  We had to miss last year because we were moving, but are volunteer beer pourers again this year.  So looking forward to a fun day on the 13th!

Now, off to watch some Olympics and knit/crochet on dragons (and maybe a bit of house cleaning).

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