Saturday, September 17, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, as of yesterday, I am one year closer to moving into the next statistical category, "60 +".  It's sad in some ways, but nice in others.  One year closer to collecting social security, along with the possibility of two retirement checks.  Yep, looking good.

But the big even yesterday, other than taking Lady K to Urgent Care to check out her arm/wrist (nothing broken, just hyper-extended from falling off the monkey bars), was the Orchid Society Show.  Personally, I think they held it just for my birthday, but they say not.

How can you not want to walk into a room full of these lovelies?  I went in before work and picked up two different orchids (plus one freebie).  Actually, it's probably good I didn't have the dollars to spend any more than I did or I would have come home with armloads.

One co-worker won one of the raffles (can I say I was jealous?) and purchased the tiniest orchid I have even seen.  The flowers on it were the size of a pinhead.

Another co-worker (and my fellow pen-lover) purchased a Paphiopedilum (Lady Slipper orchid) and probably the same one I did.  She also bought a Sharry Baby which smells like chocolate!

So after a bit of wandering the room and lusting after what I can't afford or have room for, I trotted off to work.

Then, right before I was going to go pick up Lady K from daycare and drop her off at home where Texter was doing her homework, this walked in the door.

My birthday present from Texter and Lady K!  She finished her homework and walked down to see what she could get me for my birthday at the show and bought this jewel.  The flower stalk is 2.5 feet long and filled with tiny yellow and brown flowers, some just now opening.  Which means weeks of flowers on my computer desk!  And the best part is there is a second flower stalk which hasn't finished forming or started actually blooming yet.  So I can plan on several months of flowers!

Savvy is taking me to dinner somewhere nice in the next couple of weeks, when we can coordinate schedules, so my celebration will last a bit longer.

I love birthdays!  Especially mine!

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  1. How lovely! The best thing about orchids is they can be any color imagineable, and it's awesome. My great uncle was an orchid breeder (and smuggler) and I wish I'd lived close enough to him to reap those benefits. What a fabulous birthday gift (and OF COURSE they held the show for you, those sillies). Long may the joy last!


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