Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week In Review - September 18 - 24

Fall has hit Montana big time.  This past week has been a bit grey and drizzly for a few days.  But when you have the big Montana blue skies and the beautiful fall foliage, it can't be beat.

But it was also a really up and down week.  Lady K had an earache and high temperature, which meant a trip to the doctor.  Upside, she was better the next day.  Downside, we have learned a couple of things about our Lady K, nothing terrible, but will mean some testing and changes to how Texter and the rest of us parent and interact with her.

Last Sunday I tried out a new dish - Balsamic Glazed Chicken in my cast iron skillet.

While Texter liked it, she is not a fan all that much of balsamic vinegar.  Easy dish to make and I'll probably make it again one time when Savvy is home in order for her to try it.  There were leftovers, but I ate those too!

This is how my life is going these days - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  And by the way, I've been designed Donatello, the purple turtle.  Lady K is Leonardo and everything has to be blue or TMNT.

Anyway, Texter found a pattern for an afghan which is super simple and TMNT themed.  She wants it for Christmas.  I agreed, got the yarn yesterday and started.  But I will save the details for another post.  In my usual fashion, I can't just simply follow the pattern.  CS will soon be laughing or banging her head on the wall when she hears about my 'alterations'.  She is my afghan-crocheting-queen.

In addition, this past week contained...

  • Purchasing the World of Warcraft latest expansion (like I need something else occupying my time!)  But it took almost a month before I caved.
  • Wrote 7 posts last week
  • Finished one scarf and about 1/3 of the way through another one (pre-afghan plans)
  • Walked 41,017 steps or 59% of goal
  • Finished 3 books, 2 of which where Christine Feehan novels.  Also picked up 2 of her books the library doesn't have at the Hastings closeout.

Also, I think my Hobonichi dilemma has been solved.  I'm ordering one in the next little bit.  Why?  Because I 'converted' a co-worker and we are going in on the order together to split shipping.  Sounds like a great reason to me.  

I also have converted one of my other co-workers into a Franklin-Covey planner, CS has my old Day-Timer binder for her use and ordered her daughter a Purple Trail planner for her birthday.  I'm spreading the 'planner' word!

The coming week seems pretty quiet so far...

  • The Lewis and Clark Library 40th Anniversary is today, so will be stopping by after soccer
  • Setting up my bullet journal for October - and maybe throwing in some 'decoration' on the pages when I do 
  • Lots of crocheting
  • Lots of 'planning' for 2017 
  • Start pre-planning for NaNoWriMo, both on a personal level and a municipal liaison level
  • Getting my Halloween Swap partner's name and a bit of 'holiday' shopping for it

So off for more coffee and crocheting, or World of Warcraft....depends.

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  1. wow you have led a busy week . here is to another busy week and great weather .


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