Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week In Review - February 12 - 18


That's how life is these days! But...

We have a house!

Yep, we are in our permanent/temporary home or our temporary/permanent home for the next year while we wind up things with the Temple of Fire and Texter finishes school (with two certifications!) and we head back Southeast.

So it's been a round of packing up stuff from the temp lodgings and moving it over.

And real beds! Even if they are on the floor (and my box springs are in the storage shed behind the Temple of Fire!)

INTERNET! Real internet, not pirated from someone's unprotected/unpassworded account and interrupted every time a train goes through town.

So next on the list is a couch. A real couch! We found one that is soooooo comfy. And will hopefully find a home with us next week. Question is I probably just need to go ahead and rent a truck for the day and get the box springs, the couch and the washer/dryer to the house. But a couch to sit and knit on.

Knitting is a must these days. One, it doesn't take up much room (if you count only the project you are working on and not the stash). Two, it's easy to put up when you are not working on it as opposed to sewing on a quilt. And three, I discovered a great designer of patterns which are to die for!

Epic Knits designs items which appeal to the geek in me (ok, the whole family). I have even become a Patreon sponsor for her. But her latest is a DND (Dungeons and Dragons) scarf where you basically create your own design based on the roll of a dice.  I need to have Texter sit down with me and help me figure stuff out and then pick my two colors and start knitting. Not only will it be a fun project, but a chance to try out double-knitting (so you see a reverse design on the other side). And it will be great to binge watch on my comfy couch and knit away!

Also with the new house comes the ability to get up at 4:30 a.m. and have some quiet time. And coffee.

But the REALLY BIG THING this week?


Well, actually they are both far from puppies, but we have Amani and Noel back in our possession. Sherlock, unfortunately, isn't welcome by the landlord, so is still being cared for by a friend.  But the puppies are back. Not only are we glad to have the 'mutts' around with their big, whacking tails, but they are so happy to be able to sprawl on beds again.

Otherwise this week...

  • Finished the increases on my Hadley Sweater 
  • Wrote two posts
  • Finished 3 books
  • Walked 101% of my goal! 70,536 steps! Huzzah for moving!
  • Created scene cards for Bite Me
  • Everything out of the temp house except for a big pile of 'to donate' and some trash bags
  • Everything up in the new house except for Kayden and my shared room

This coming week...

  • Make it to the divide and starting knitting sleeves on my Hadley Sweater
  • Hopefully, knitting on my new couch
  • Enjoy a day off because of President's Day 
  • Trip to Missoula (hopefully) to get computers cleaned
  • Finish 'organizing' the bedroom
  • Work on Chapter 1 of Bite Me
  • Start recording information for the Justiss line of my family (unknown to me until I was a teen)
  • Staff meeting at work
  • Complete handout for the Writer's Roundtable in two weeks
  • Catch up on letter writing

Well, now onto more coffee and emptying out some bins.

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