Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week In Review - February 18 - 24

It's 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and the dogs let me sleep until about 4:30 this morning. I am so happy to have them back I'm really not minding the early up for 'pee and pooh'. And coffee!

But I do resent a bit of them climbing in the bed where it is nice and warm and I sit in a cool living room, with a blanket wrapped around me. Of course, give me a bit over a year and I'll probably be complaining about being too hot.

Couple of fun things this week. Texter and I decided the fold-up chairs just were not going to cut it for desk chairs. Especially since between homework, writing and streaming video, we spend a lot of time in them. So we 'invested' in a couple of nice desk chairs. Big difference. Especially when trying to knit an intricate double-knitting pattern and binge watching "Blindspot".

I also went and got a laptop with my reimbursement money. A laptop and maybe a really nice sewing machine are all I plan on replacing at this point in time. And time goes by. I enjoy having my own laptop (not using one of Texter's spares) and being portable.

And we have achieved 'bird'! I brought over the bird feeder from the Temple of Fire and the bird seed which was under the carport (and therefore, unsmoked) and set it up on our little front porch hanger. The new house is surrounded by shrubs and a huge spruce about 10 feet away. Three chickadees were feeding at it yesterday morning. Sparrows are sure to follow now.

Started on a double-knit (my first) scarf for Texter and I this week. The pattern is based on the D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) game and you have to roll the dice to see what pattern you use on each row. Therefore, no two scarves will be the same. With all kinds of creatures on it, the scarf appeals to use big time. Designed by Tania Richter, I now have a TON of new projects I want to knit from her designs.

Hadley is still a WIP. I have to have the body at 17.5 inches before I can split and then move over to the sleeves. And it's taking forever. Of course, if I was knitting on it rather than the Yarn Quest scarf it might make a difference.  And I have yarn for the Ann Budd socks waiting to be started. And Lady K has requested a scarf too. With a cat. In blue. And gray for Sherlock (who is being cared for by friends as we can have dogs, but no cats here). And we won't mention the KAL coming in April!

As you can tell, knitting is on my mind and in my hands. While I do have quilting projects I could be working on, there really isn't much room for the sewing machine to be out and stay out. So I have decided to stick to knitting for the next few months unless I get a whole day where I can bang out something. Of course, if I do succumb and get a new machine (as opposed to my basic Singer which survived), then my plans may change again.

Otherwise, this past week...

  • Mailed out 11 postcards for Postcrossing
  • Organized my filing and filed things sitting around
  • Finished cleaning out bags and tubs moved over and sent 3 carloads of 'over-donated' stuff to Goodwill. We had enough pillows for a small hotel!
  • Got an armchair and ottoman for the living room

In the coming week...

  • Assist in moving washer/dryer to the new house (just found out it's on tap for today!)
  • Finish up handout for Writer's Roundtable Thursday night
  • Lead Writer's Roundtable
  • Get back on 'schedule' with morning pages, planning, and vitamins

But one thing I learned at o'dark-hundred this morning and is appended to my planner for future reference...QuiltCon! And Mid-Atlantic QuiltCon!  Planning on these in 2019!

Now, into clothes, some housekeeping, fetching of washer/dryer and a trip to the grocery store.

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  1. As always I admire your clarity and organization! You may have thought too much of knitting as the intitial introduction to the the instructions that you sent say, more or less, "not for the faint of heart"....I am envious of your ability! You go girl! Mid-Atlantic....oh! How the Atlantic will always have my heart. ❤me


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