Sunday, February 05, 2017

Week in Review - January 29 - February 4

Whew! What a week it has been!

Last Sunday was fairly mild (relative term for Montana in the winter) and Lady K and I walked down to the fairgrounds and fed the ducks and geese. Pleasant afternoon while Texter was on a conference call about the upcoming Nagucon planning.

I had also started my Hadley sweater a tad early, but knew, if we found another place this month, I wouldn't get all my days in February in to knit.

After an afternoon/evening of watching the last 3 episodes of "The Last Kingdom", it has doubled in size and I'm almost ready to start on the sleeves. A lot of that depends on whether I decide to get out of my pajamas today and go to a friend's house to watch the Super Bowl or not. Feeling really lazy right now.

Couple of "Biggies" this week - 

  • Replaced my old car with a new/old or old/new car. My trusty Subaru station wagon was almost at 200,000 miles and, well, as it happens to the best of us, was starting to acquire more issues than I was willing to pay for. So picked out and picked up at 2004 Nissan Quest. Yep, I'm in a minivan which will come in handy in 2018 for...

Yes, we are moving. It will be five years we have been in Montana when we move, but heading back south. For many, many reasons, the pros far outweighed the cons. Mainly, the cost of rebuilding the house will be far more expensive than what the kids want to assume. So they are planning on selling the lot and letting someone else build what they want or do a smaller rebuild and sell it. Texter will be through with her degree in May, 2018. So the coming 15 months will give us a chance to wind things up here and head back to North Carolina. Not Raleigh, but Charlotte.

So the next year will find me really getting in all the sights of Montana and the Pacific Northwest I want to get in before we head south-east.

Which means - the girls will be getting their drivers licenses! Well, Savvy is a real 'maybe' because of her anxiety about driving, but Texter is gun-ho at this point in time. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of learning to drive. Of course, we have to wait until some of the snow melts!


  • Finished 2 books
  • Watched the movie, "Hidden Figures" - Fantastic movie! A must watch.
  • Went through my fabric and yarn I pulled from the house and made some lists
  • Lead a writer's roundtable at the library 
  • Made up my writer's notebook for my WIP
  • Walked 82% of my steps
  • Wrote 4 posts
  • Ordered Miscon tickets (for our last Miscon...sigh)
  • Attend First Friday downtown (which I will miss) and received a wonderful gift
  • Finished up my thank you notes (head hanging in shame over my tardiness)
So for the coming week, I hope to:

  • Write up a 'new' WIP list for my yarn and fabric 

  • Update my book list on Goodreads with the books as I pull them from the house (those that can be saved) and as I buy replacements.

This is going to be the hard part. We are going super minimal the next year so we don't have a lot to move. A bit of Goodwill replacement furniture and then redonate or sell when we move. Which means I need to NOT buy a lot of books (I'm not going to say no books) or fabric or yarn. The plan is Texter will be getting a minivan/SUV in the coming months and we will get a couple of UHauls to load our stuff in for the move back and we won't have to come back and drive a truck back.

  • Get my journal and spirit journal up-to-date. Have stuff printed out I want to go in both of them, just need to do it.
  • Work on getting the first couple of chapters of Bite Me spruced up for submission in March to Miscon.
  • Start work on the next writer's roundtable - creating characters
  • Monthly goals update post

So for now, more coffee and work on folding clothes before I start knitting again!

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  1. Wow! You have been busy and will be really busy! Congrats on the move--you will be about 2 hours from me so maybe we can actually meet IRL one of these days! Good luck with all the details . Sound like you have a great plan!


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