Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday Night

OD needs to see 2 plays/productions this semester to get theater points. Mom here has a very, very limited budget, so when I saw
this was going to be playing one weekend at our newly opened cultural arts center, I bought tickets. I have seen the production on TV years ago, OD is mature enough, the tickets are cheap enough, why not.

First off, if anyone told me I would be taking my daughter to see The Vagina Monologues I would have laughed. But I did and we had a great time. Something we will both remember.

Secondly, the new theater in the cultural arts center is great. Yes, it is very small, but it makes the production so much more intimate. And they had a cocktail reception prior to the event. Since we walked there (only about 4 blocks from home), I took advantage of being able to have a couple of glasses of wine. There was also a silent auction of artwork which had been donated. I felt very "artsy", sipping my wine, discussing the artwork with OD.

Thirdly, and most imporantly, this was a great production. You would have never known they had only worked on it for about 6 weeks. All the women who were in it were great. They ranged in age from high school senior (who we knew, but didn't know was going to be in it) to a beautiful lady somewhere in her 60's probably. The stage setup for great and the whole production was funny, thought provoking, insightful and at times hard to listen to.

Would I go a heartbeat. Would I volunteer to be in the production....not a doubt. Would I encourage OD to participate....sure would. OD was a little blow away by it and is planning on writing a rave review.

Only was only for 2 nights.

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