Saturday, March 08, 2008

things I want to work on

1. try using sewing on ATC's and collages

2. flannel quilt....finish it up finally (need to get batting first)

3. find design I like to do blackwork over entire bodice for Ren Faire 2009


1. Take OD to work at 9:30am

2. Run by farmer's market. Trumpet Princess is here this weekend and wants some

white chocolate bread.

3. Tech Guild meeting at 11am. Afterwards, Privy Council meeting to go over final Ren Faire items.

4. Drop off Trumpet Princess at mall to see her local friends.

5. Pick up Trumpet Princess.

6. Get ready to go walk downtown and see "Vagina Monologues" with OD, for theater credit for her and to support V-Day and our local arts.

7. Catch up on blog reading Sunday morning.

8. Take OD to Noble's Guild meeting. Trumpet Princess wants to go along to say hi to some friends.

9. Take OD to work after meeting. Pick her up at 11pm.

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