Sunday, March 02, 2008


This is a watercolor I did a couple of weeks ago, so all my time has not gone to sewing. Actually, I think I like it better as it shows up in the scan. I like the pencil lines showing. I want to have more of a relaxed, done on the spur of the moment style with my watercolors.

Yep, can't get going this morning. Didn't get any of the house work done yesterday. Had a Tech Guild meeting and then Oldest Daughter and I wandered around the flea market across the street. I am going to make OD clean some today while I sew since I need her outfit and Trumpet Princess' outfits done in 2 weeks for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. I'll make it.

So, I have made some breakfast, need my coffee and will get to sewing. Did find some fabric to back a quilt, but that's a future project.

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