Saturday, March 01, 2008

Size 16!

This picture has nothing to do with what I'm going to brag about. Actually, this is the flower on an African violet I have been unable to kill, despite over watering, underwatering, neglect. It has about 6 flowers and more buds coming on.

But the real issue today is my butt is currently clad in a pair of size 16 jeans! I won't try to figure out what century/decade they were last in a size 16, but in September they were in a 20. Christmas, I bought an 18, and now a 16.

Was at Goodwill yesterday to try and find a pair of overalls for a Mother's Day present to self and Mom and was needing a new pair of jeans, as I was down to only 1 pair. Larger sizes are sometimes hard to find there. The first pair I looked at was a 16 and I said, "why not?"

So I took them home, not daring to try them on and put them on last night and they fit! Of course, now that I am getting over a bit of the flu, hopefully they will still fit. May have to use the old "lay on the bed and fasten" for awhile to get them on, but at least I CAN get them on. It's a real push to keep eating well and walking. Haven't hit the 100 miles a month yet, but getting in the 80 miles plus each month, so we will see about March hitting the 100 mark.

Have about 600 beads on one of the bodices. Only about 500 more to go. Still have the underskirt to put together. Another bodice to bead. Deciding what to do with the sleeves as far as decorating. And then marking the hem and some grommets to put in once I get them next week. But the majority is done and she should have at least one outfit to wear for the St. Patrick's Day parade.

I have the pirate pants done except for the waistband cording needs to be put in and then hemmed. I have the skirt and the vest to do, but should have those done this weekend.

On the sewing front, besides the Ren Faire costumes, I have about 4 bags I want to sew up. I also found 2 black Japanese style silk robes to do something with. Found the robes at Goodwill and at $$3.39 each and want to try my hand at "altered couture" on them. I think I am going to take one and make it a double breasted "dress" for Oldest Daughter. Luckily, she will wear just about anything I can come up with.

I also found a couple of pairs of overalls to make gardening aprons out of based on the directions in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. You can see a picture of it here. Actually, her's was set as a name tag, mine I am using as gardening aprons. Since I am never that "garden" coordinated, I might send the 2nd apron to Mom to sell in her annual garden sale for the garden club.

So I have a "sew-sew" weekend. I go have a quick finish on some ATC cards I need to mail out. The rest of my weekend "to-do" list....

1. pick up living areas
2. take out trash
3. cut out bag bottoms out of cardboard box and then put
outside for recycling
4. get sewing area (kitchen table) reorganized
5. Tech Guild meeting for Ren Faire
6. Noble Guild meeting for Ren Faire (Sunday afternoon)
7. Sew
8. Mop floors

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