Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday or How I Tortured My Daughter

First off, I had to work a little on Easter Sunday. Worked for someone who did have family Easter plans.

Then I came home with the plan on working on the 6 tote bags I have the fabric for. They are all cut out. The purple at the end is for 2 Tinkerbell totes and the black figured next to it is an Elvis tote. Elvis has left the building....and I didn't get a picture of him. I have to get some different webbing for the purple has I was given black and it doesn't look right. I'm going to replace with purple or yellow. The other 3 bags are for myself. One or two will be a gift. Might make some to sell.

Anyway, after doing a little sewing and taking OD to see her dad and drop off the laptop to YD (that's Trumpet Princess, she is now Youngest Daughter) and pick up OD's Easter basket from her dad, we returned home. No roast chicken dinner here.....OD wasn't in the mood for chicken, so she made me nachos and herself Mac and Cheese with ground beef.

Then the fun came.....I had bought for OD some pre-waxed strips to wax her eyebrows with. Two hours later we had "trimmed" a little from her brows. But the show involving said waxing was worth it. I would stick the strip on and then she would wander around for a few minutes until she could get the courage up for me to yank. Then she would scream, jump around, check and see how much brow was on the strip, run to the mirror and come back again.

Oh, the things that bring joy to our hearts!

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