Monday, January 19, 2009

Knitting Again!

BF wants a shawl. But she is also very hot natured, so she wanted something lacy and airy and to cover, but not for warmth. Told her if she found what she wanted, I would knit (or crochet) it for her.

Now for those who have made anything on "commission" for anyone, giving them carte blanche to select something is really dangerous. Because often, even those closest to you, can pick out that one pattern which is absolutely awful.

(This is the picture from the site)

But BF did a great job. She picked Liquid Silver Shawl from the Elann Yarn site. This lovely shawl, by Rosemary Hill, is starting out so wonderful. The first 8 rows went great. BF picked a great off-white Silken Kydd from and the clear, silver lined beads make it look like sparkles on snow.

I did have to rip back to the start when I started the lace portion of the shawl. I just didn't have it down correctly. So I am starting over this morning. Think I have it in my mind now what do to.

It's going to be beautiful!

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