Friday, January 16, 2009

Why I Live In the South......

Today everyone was going nuts. We were down to 17 degrees last night, which is almost unheard of here. Suppose to get down to single digits tonight.

I don't mind cold. I enjoy the change of seasons, which is why I don't live in the deep south. But I don't like ice except in a glass surrounded by sweet tea. As far as snow.....I like "polite" snow. The kind where it has fallen overnight, you wake up and the yard looks really pretty, sun shining off the snow and the streets and sidewalks clear. You can stand at the window, drinking your coffee, enjoying the view.
And by lunch, the snow is gone. Don't like "black ice" either. Mainly because it tends to make bad drivers drive worse. There must be some kind of mental twist people make when they hear the phrase "caution, icy roads" that makes them think they can drive 70 mph like it was a bone dry surface, turning right in front of people, obvious to the wrecks they are causing.

I know there are parts of the country where they actually wait for the ponds to ice over so they can skate on them. No skating here. Just cold. Will be gone in 48 hours. Back up to the 40's. I like the south. strange as this might sound, I think I could live in Maine...even in the winter.

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