Monday, January 12, 2009

The Perfect Meal

Several months ago I read a book, by Jay Rayner, The Man Who Ate the World. The basis of the book is looking for the "perfect" meal. He goes to several luxury spots around the world and spends literally hundreds and thousands of dollars for these spectacular dinners. As I read the book (which I did enjoy very much), I wondered what a $400 or $1000 meal would taste like. It would be interesting if, like one of those makeover shows, someone would take me for one of these ultra meals prepared by a great chef so I would know what it was like to eat a meal that would pay my rent for one month.
Instead, on Friday night I had a really good meal, which I prepared at home, cost me less than $5 (and that's with a little bit of leftovers) and took less than 30 minutes to fix. The girls were going to be gone that evening, so Mom here was on her own. Other people would be going, " kids...let's get kinky", but no kink here. Instead, I'm going " kids...I get to eat salmon!" I fixed salmon with a balsamic vinegar/honey glaze, Rice-a-Roni Angel Hair Pasta with Herbs, and fresh strawberries.
Ok , for all those out there going it's January, strawberries aren't local, salmon isn't local, Rice-a-Roni isn't local...bug was good! Oh, and by the way, strawberries drives one of the cats crazy, like catnip. He was climbing in the trash to get the tops of the strawberries. I had to dig them out and lay them on the kitchen floor so he could lay on them.
But it was a really good meal. I enjoyed it as much as meals I have paid more for that I've eaten out. Of course, I have never paid anywhere near 3 digits for a meal, nor has anyone spent that on me.
One of the most memorable meals I have every had was tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich with a couple of friends. It was the perfect combination of a cool, rainy day, cream of tomato soup (I put milk in my Campbell's Tomato soup) and a Colby jack grilled cheese sandwich at a friend's house. For 3 of us to eat it probably didn't cost $10 total. But 3-4 years later I still remember that meal.
Of course, should anyone want to treat me to a $$$$$ meal, please let me know. I won't turn it down!

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