Thursday, January 15, 2009

The real reason I can't fold clothes.......

He weighs 23 pounds. His "little" brother weighs 16. They have put on a few pounds since they have been confined to the apartment. Blaze, above, weighed 17 pounds a year ago. OD calls him the "Godfather". He has this way of staring at you which is very intimidating. He has to be scary staring at you because his "voice" is really high pitched when he does meow. It is so funny. Kind of like Orsen Wells as a soprano.

But am continuing my zentangles. I had a group of ATC cards I had traced the alphabet on, one letter for each card, for something I had planned but never followed up on. So they have become the basis for some zentangles

And this is what happens when you start sorting through "stuff" and organizing and your bed is right behind your chair. Actually it makes it rather nice when I need a lot of space to spread a project out. I have a double bed, less "dog" space on which to work.

Of course, a rainy day always helps be more productive. I love rainy days....except at 5 am when I have to walk the dog...and the cold water seeps into my shoes.

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