Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Everything Could Use a Little Seasoning

What is fresh tomatoes without a little basil?  And everyone can use a little thyme.  Remember rosemary?  Take this sage advise and you will be in mint condition.

Ok, the terrible puns are over.


 Can you smell it now?  Are you salivating just looking at the picture?  This is just a couple of the basil plants I have growing.  I started with a couple of transplants and seeded some more in the ground.

Red Rubin and Green Basil 
 Here’s the Red Rubin along with the green basil.  I forgot to take a picture of the Mrs. Burns Lemon basil which smells out of this world!  In fact, I came across a pint of tomatoes I had canned and will make up some spaghetti sauce today with fresh herbs and the tomatoes. 

But woman does not live by basil  alone.

  Lemon Thyme 
 I have some variegated lemon thyme along with regular thyme.
Garden sage (which is the normal sage) is joined by

Honey Melon Sage 

honey dew melon sage.  These is also some pineapple sage in another container. 

4x4 bed 
 Covered by the pineapple sage, the rosemary is peeking out.  And near the center of the bed is some little dill seedlings.  Parsley and thyme are in the other three corners.  And beside the rosemary is some cilantro seedlings.  I’m not much of a fan for cilantro.  It tastes like soap to me if too much is used.  But I can’t make homemade salsa without cilantro.  I have a little patch of purple onions (which are actually growing – a miracle for me) and some leeks.  I need to mulch around the leeks to keep the stalks white.

Elsewhere I have spearmint (growing in the ground to be a ground cover hopefully), peppermint (also in the ground), and lemon balm.  They all make a great accompaniment to good, old sweet iced tea on hot summer days.  And they look pretty stuck in a glass of strawberry margaritas.

So I have matured from crisco, salt and pepper to using herbs and fresh ones at that.  What is the world coming to!

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  1. Oh my you are quite the gardener .. I love it all and would love to be there with you digging in the dirt . I would love it ..


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