Sunday, June 05, 2011

Last Time I Looked Good in a Bathing Suit

I have transferred some old negatives and slides onto my computer.  In the course of my work, I created duplicates of a lot of these pictures and spent Memorial Day afternoon going through the pictures, labeling the ones I knew and deleting the numerous dupes before I backed up my pictures on disc.

Bathing Beauty 
And I came across this picture.  The last time I looked really good in a bathing suit and wasn’t afraid to flaunt it. I am sitting on the front of my grandfather’s boat we used for both water skiing and fishing.  And no, I never waterskied, but that’s another story.  This is the Kentucky Lake (which was in Tennessee – go figure) near their cabin where we would spend at least a couple of weeks during the summer until I was in my late teens.

Now what you don’t see is that there is probably a bar of soap somewhere.  The bathroom at the cabin was on a well and septic system and didn’t really work all that well.  No one really minded since at this time my grandparents were only there for a week to ten days every four to six weeks.  So, when we were there in the summer, after dinner we would go to the lake with our bar of soap and go ‘swimming’.  Somewhere in my pictures is one of my mother shaving her legs in the lake.  (Oops-was I suppose to say that!)

I am looking at my feet and thighs and admiring the various tan lines on them.  Those were the days of bliss and ignorance when you could play outside all day and nobody said anything about putting on your sunscreen.  Oh, and you had to play outside unless you were dead or dying.  Staying inside all day was not an option, especially in front of the TV.  Boy, wish that was a habit that had stuck.

Oh, by the way, normally we wore tennis shoes when we swam around.  For one thing the lake was rock bottomed and the rocks were large and sharp.  Secondly, you had to protect your toes against the snapping turtles.  Everyone knows if a turtle bit your toe they  do not  let go until the sun went down.  Or it thundered.  Or both.  I didn’t want to walk around with a big turtle attached to my foot.

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  1. Oh wow love this post and what fun you had at the lake . I remember my grandparents having a lake behind their summer house in Maine . They are gone and so is the house there is a casino there now and it was on an island cant remember the name but those were good times. Quite a few people drowned in that lake and my aunt caroline was one of them . Seems she was coming home drunk one night and went for a swim . They fished her body out the next morning . I remember my grandfolks were stoic for days and I dont recall them ever crying . My other aunt told me it was because Caroline was the baby and the trouble maker of the family . Oh well that just brought back some memorys .


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