Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Reading

Well, it was here and then gone….all in one night!  But that is what I have come to expect with a Laurell K. Hamilton book.




Probably not my most favorite of the Anita Blake books, but good nonetheless.  I guess you could say it was an acceptable read since I finished it in one night.  Now, I will go back and reread some of my more favorite Hamilton books and hoping that the latest in the Merry Gentry story will be out sometime soon.

My next read is the fourth book in the A Song of Fire and Ice saga by George R. R. Martin. 

200px-AFeastForCrows  I am 3000 plus pages into the saga and this is the next 1000.  Book five of a planned seven is due out in September.  Until then, I will get to savor book four.

Of course, in between some reading, starting in two weeks is…….



  Yes, it’s that time of the year again……my men in spandex!  My choice this year…..Levi Leipheimer of Team Radioshack.  Gearing up for the race by watching the Tour de Suisse this week. 

So let the temperatures take their wraith out on my tomato plants….I have plenty to do inside!


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  1. Oh wow bad heat there huh ? wow I m getting ready to crack a book called the bird sisters and cannot wait to get it from the library . I love books I really do .


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