Saturday, June 04, 2011

Time Lapse in the Garden

I was sorting through my pictures on my computer – getting rid of dupes and bad pictures and I realized I had almost a time lapse of my garden.  It was pretty interesting.

 April 10 – Temperatures are still going up and down and hovering on the chilly side.  But the bed is in and the beans are planted.


April 23 and the beans are up and setting their true leaves.

garden 0430

April 30 – beans are up and starting to fill out.

 This is May 8.  Beans are up and full and getting ready to set blooms.

French Filet green bean babies 

May 30 – covered in blooms and beans are starting to form.

I’ll have to pay more attention next year and get some real ‘time lapse’ pictures.  It’s pretty interesting how things progress.

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  1. how great this is . Yes you should do this next yr as well .


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