Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evolution of a Sunflower

For grins this year, I planted a handful of mammoth sunflowers in my garden.  I have about 5 in one bed which are at least 5 feet tall now.  A couple of them are over 6 feet.  Then I have a circle of sunflowers actually planted in the ground.  As a tribute to the poor, hard soil, they are really, really struggling.  But, I have the two which are growing like…well, mammoth sunflowers.  (Trivia note:  sunflowers are a symbol of the Tour de France!)

DSCN2033  Here they are the end of April, about 8-12 inches tall.


IMG_0131 The first part of May they were getting leafier and about 12-18 inches tall.


4x4 bed Then mid May they are about a yard tall.  Number 1 and 3 (from the left) are my ‘biggies’.


R0014272 They started doing something more than getting tall and leafy.

R0014313Beautifully tight buds about the size of a half dollar, which seemed to grow no bigger for several days. 

Then one day I pull into the driveway to see this!



About 4 inches across, this sunny face was there to greet me.

R0014331  And the other one is slowly opening up to the sun (of which we have had more than enough of!)

 R0014330 The bees seem to like them.

R0014333  Now just have to wait for the seeds to mature and hope the squirrels don’t figure them out.



  1. I love sunflowers and have grown quite a few myself and absoloutly love them .

  2. Such wonderful sunflower photos, very pretty!


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