Friday, December 27, 2013


For creative people, we are viewed as sometimes being impulsive and 'going with the flow'.  However, in almost every book I have read on writing, which can also be translated to anything you want to accomplish, 'scheduling' is one of the number one things you do to get your butt in the seat and words on the page.  Or blocks of a quilt done.  Or schoolwork done.

To go along with my word of the year 'Routine', there will be my calendar.  Because I am more visual and tactile simulated, I will be mainly relying on a paper calendar - very low tech.  But I am going to use the calendar I am ordering from Kimberly Wilson at Tranquility du Jour.

Things I want to 'schedule' in my life for 2014 are the following:

work - both for Texter and me
school work (yep, still studying)
sewing time
blog postings
financial goals
'play' dates

Now this is not to say that I can't be 'impulsive' and hop onto something that comes up at the last minute, but my 'brain' feels better when I now the 'plan' for the day.   Hopefully, by having a schedule, we (Texter and I) can get Lady K on more of a schedule for sleep, waking, and eating. And I can feel like I am getting more accomplished with the time I have during the day I am not sleeping (a good night's sleep for me is something I want to 'schedule' also.)

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  1. sounds good to me .. esp the fun ... thats your reward for getting your life organised xx


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