Saturday, December 07, 2013

Holiday Spirit Nature Mandala

I really haven't gotten 'into' the holiday spirit until the last couple of days.  Because Texter and Lady K will be out of the state during the holidays, we haven't decorated.  I do have an amaryllises growing, but it will probably be after the first of the year before it blooms.  And unlike back in NC, I don't think I can plant it out in the garden and have it rebloom in the summer here.

But yesterday we wrapped the things I have collected for Savvy for the past few months to prepare for my trip down to Arizona for a couple of days.  There are lights everywhere now and one of our neighbors is really into the inflatible decorations, which is really cheery as you drive by.  Tonight is the library Christmas party and we are all going.  So I am slowly getting into the holiday groove.

Nature, however, celebrates with or without us.

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