Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Word for 2014 - ROUTINE

It's that time of the year - a time of reflection, introspection, planning and dreaming.  A time to look back and look ahead.  After a crazy year of retiring, moving, new grand baby, and new job, I find myself craving a bit of ROUTINE.


One definition of routine is 'regular, unvarying, habitual, unimaginative, or rote procedure.  It sounds very boring, especially with the 'unimaginative' thrown in there.  However, I prefer this definition - 'a customary or regular course of procedure.

It still sounds pretty boring and not a all exciting.  However, I have found over the years if I have a schedule or plan, I seem to get much more accomplished.  And it also seems to stimulate my creativity more rather than not having a schedule or routine. 

My life gets a bit hectic at times.  I am working part time, assisting in caring for Lady K, and going to school online still.  Now I have to figure in Texter's work schedule in addition to the writing/sewing/crafting I want to do.  For example, I have New Year's Day off work.  However, Texter and Lady K are returning from North Carolina and it is a 6 hour drive in each direction to pick them up at the airport.  There goes one whole day.

There are areas in my life I want to become 'routine' - menu planning and better eating habits, exercise, finances, writing, school, crafting time.  This will help put Lady K on a routine of meals and bedtime too.  And give Texter and I some self time and time to explore Montana more.

So ROUTINE is my new mantra.

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