Sunday, September 14, 2014

Command Central

Most of my 'free' time is spent at the computer.  By free time, I mean time not spent working, watching Lady K, cleaning house, cooking, reading or hiking (not enough of that I can say).  My computer is where homework is accomplished, digital art is created, some writing is done, paperwork is taken care get the general idea.

It takes up about the only open spot in my room.  I have a little desk, big enough for my computer and some stacks of 'stuff', my coffee cup or glass of iced tea, a pad of paper and a cup of pens.  I do have some files in a drawer (if I can keep Lady K out of them) and a drawer which was used for pens and pencils.  But Lady K feels they are there for her to (1) throw them on the floor all over the apartment or (2) draw on things - like walls.  So they are now semi-hidden from her.  But on the walls and doors around my computer I have notes and pictures and 'stuff'. 

Directly over my computer on the wall is my bulletin board.

It contains pictures of my digital art covered up with lists of books, scissors (to keep them out of you-know-who hands), my MLA format quick reference for school and some other odds and ends I need to refer to occasionally. 

To my left is my closet doors.  A set of those lovely, hinged folding doors.  Their only redeeming factor is that they don't take up unnecessary room.  And they do provide a place to hang postcards I have received, mainly from Postcrossing. 

And then to my right is my bedroom door.  Since it is open most of the time and right up by the desk, I am using it as a 'wish board'.

Can you tell I need bras?  Desperately?  There is also a color code reminder for the colors I use on my google calendar online for everyone's schedule (since I have to coordinate not only mine, but Savvy, Texter and Lady K's), a list of my classes I am taking this semester for easy email reference.  And things I need/want/desire which are pretty immediate in electric blankets and a really good, big skillet.

So this is where it all attempts to get done...sometimes...hopefully...It's not the 'zen' bedroom I would ultimately love to have.  But that would take another room in the house just for an office/craft room, of which we don't have.  For now, this works well for me.  Oh, and anyone feel free to take an index card and gift me with what's on it!  Except the bras...I'll get my own.

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