Friday, September 12, 2014

Queen of the Tearling - Great Read


I had seen some 'blurbs' about this book, but hadn't really paid all that much attention to the premise of the novel.  In fact, I had it checked out once, read about 3 chapters and had to turn it back in for someone else.  I just got it back a couple of days ago and picked up where I left off.  I am really glad I did....

First off, it took me a bit to realize the book is set in our future, about 300 years in the future.  There was a group of people who left the techno world and sailed off to create a new world.  This new world is without technology and in fact, if you are like me and don't read the jacket, the book reads very much like a medieval fantasy setting.  Throughout the book there are little hints of 'electronic books', 'J. K. Rowling', 'computers', all of which don't exist any more.  And seeing that Emma Watson is set to play, Kelsea, the Queen, the reference to Rowling is humorous.

So here goes the storyline....

Kelsea Raleigh, is the 19 year old daughter of the late Queen of Tearling.  She has been hidden away all these years and is now brought to New London to ascend the throne.  But not everyone is thrilled to have her appear after all these year, least of all the Red Queen in the adjoining nation of Mortmesne.  The Red Queen has been keeping Tearling under her thumb for decades and making slaves of it's people, one of the first things Kelsea aims to stop.  With the aid of the remnants of the Queen's Guard, Kelsea must learn to protect herself, her kingdom and figure out what the two blue sapphires she has can really do.  As Kelsea grows and learns, so do we readers.

The book ends on an exciting note--crisis temporarily averted, Tearling poised to be invaded by a superior army, and Kelsea finding out yet another thing the sapphires can do.  Oh, and this is book 1 in a trilogy (of course!)

Now we have to wait for the next two books to find out exactly what is up with the sapphires and the Queen of Tearling, what the 'deal' is with the Red Queen, will Tearling fall to Mortmesne, will Kelsea even survive the attempts on her life (of course she will) and will Tearling survive Kelsea.

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