Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pre-Birthday Taking Stock

Water on Weeds Mandala

On the 16th I'll be 57.  Yep, 57.  Some days it 'seems like yesterday'.  Other days...well, it seems like forever.  I'm not sure how one is suppose to feel at 57.  I do know I giggle to myself at times when I refer to some of the patrons at the library as "the little old man" or "the elderly woman" and realize, technically, I could be in that group.

Problem is, I still don't know what I want to do with my life.  I still feel like I have a lot of growing up to do.  At the same time, I don't want to stop growing as an individual.  I don't want to stop doing and exploring and learning.  In fact, I feel more inclined to do that more now than in the past.

So, I'm taking a moment (as my homework is caught up) to take stock again and update what is going on in my life.  This is the list I made at the end of June and the purple is where I am today...

Making :  a Dr. Who scarf
Making: hat for co-worker in chemo therapy.  Dr. Who still a WIP
Cooking : soft pretzels
Cooking:  Beer bread to see (1) how it tastes and to (2) use up some old beer
Drinking : sweet iced tea (should be more water!)
Drinking:  too much coffee and not enough water
Reading: Skin Game by Jim Butcher and about 40 other books 
Reading: Mercedes Lackey Blood Red and about 50 other books
Wanting: to be 'doing' something
Wanting: to get my photographs more organized
Looking: at clouds
Looking: for motivation
Playing: Facebook games way to much
Playing: the same....
Deciding: to cut down on the above
Deciding: the same....and more writing
Wishing: I had more motivation these past few days
Wishing: I had my photographs culled and organized 
Enjoying: summer in Montana
Enjoying: fall in Montana and awaiting winter
Waiting: for August 1st and Savvy moves here 
Waiting: for our first 'good' snow and Savvy's reaction
Liking: where I am now
Liking: that we are all together 
Wondering: what I can do to make it better
Wondering: the same...
Loving: life
Loving: the same...
Pondering: more exercise in my life
Pondering: the same....Savvy's suppose to be making me exercise more 
Considering: cutting out 'waste of my time' activities (Facebook games and TV)
Considering:  the same...
Watching: Major Crimes and Murder in the First (Draco is a bad guy again)
Watching: not much TV, too much homework
Hoping: I can find a routine to get into
Hoping: Yep...the same
Marveling: how good life really is now 
Marveling: we are all back under the same roof and not killing each other
Needing: to cut out procrastinating 
Needing: the same...
Smelling: 'Spring' - a candle from Bath and Body Works
Smelling: realizing as of yesterday we are pretty much out of candles and need more
Wearing: my grinch pj bottoms and t-shirt
Wearing: my long sleeve, mid-calf nightgown (it's heavy) and a pair of sweat pants
Following: way too many blogs
Following: this season's Dr. Who
Noticing: the sound of the wind and how cold it sounds
Noticing: too much traffic on the road for a Saturday morning
Knowing: Savvy will be here soon 
Knowing: will have to 'get busy' soon 
Thinking: I shouldn't have eaten those two soft pretzels
Thinking: about a menu plan for the rest of the week
Feeling: blah....
Feeling: achy (slept funny) and stiff
Admiring: both my daughters
Admiring: the same...
Sorting: through piles of papers to organize and file/toss
Sorting: did do that, now I need to work on my documents and photos on my computer
Buying: iPads
Buying: Savvy a mattress
Getting: ready for drive to Arizona
Getting: ready for NaNoWriMo in November
Bookmarking: Galadarling and her July instagram challenge
Bookmarking: Photoshop tutorials
Disliking: my legginess
Disliking: not having ready money to spend on 'whatever'
Opening: my mind to other options in my life 
Opening: my calendar and seeing what needs to be done this week
Giggling: at Lady K's dance moves 
Giggling: at life
Feeling: like change is just around the corner
Feeling:  the same....

So today I will work on my calendar, plan some postings, finish a cap and hopefully, go for a walk with Lady K.

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