Monday, December 08, 2014

Mandala Monday - King Leo

Every year when I was growing up in Tennessee, my paternal grandmother, Ginny, would get a large tin of King Leo Peppermints.  These are stick peppermints and are the soft kind of peppermints.  The kind you can put in your mouth and they just melt.  The kind, as a kid, I would walk around and think I was so cool with my 'cigarette'.  (Hey, remember, this was the early 60's!)

These days I know I can order them on the internet, but it's not the same as walking into a store and finding them.  So I was really delighted, when last week I found a small tin of them in a local Helena store, The General Mercantile.

It's a fun store to go into.  First off, it's an old store.  And it is filled with all kinds of fun candy and gift items.  And a huge koi swimming around in a pond inside.  AND, as we found out last week, they make a killer hot chocolate!  

Savvy picked up some items for friends and I got my peppermints.  I'm not going around 'smoking' my peppermint any more.  But I will save the tin and put something in it.  And stick it in the closet or on a shelf so Lady K can find it and go through all the treasures inside, just like my grandmother did with her tins.

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