Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wrapping Up 2014

I originally had all these great plans for wrapping up 2014.  All of them involved using two hands!  therefore, I am giving the watered down, one-handed version of ending 2014 and starting 2015.

For Savvy's birthday (which is actually the 28th), we went to watch the final installment of "The Hobbit".  It was bittersweet in that she has grown up with the two Tolkien stories brought to life by Peter Jackson.  Despite being in Helena almost two years now, this was the first time had I been to the movies here.  I am glad I sprang for the 'deluxe' tickets.

What I didn't realize was what a tyrant Savvy was over the snacks.  There are 'movie snack' rules.  Did you know that?

Don't let that smiling face fool you.  She's ready to defend them until the proper time.  

Other than the movies, I have spent my time preparing for the New Year, writing down lists, getting my planner organized, catching up on filing and doing a bit of moving things here and there.

Left to right: 2015 Planner, 2014 journal, 2015 journal.
Top:  Notebook

This year I am trying out an ARC planner from Staples.  My Tranquility du Jour calendar I was using this year didn't give me all the functionally I wanted. I need to be able to add pages and more things to the planner.

My 2014 journal is actually down to it's last few pages.  I will type up what has been going on over the past few days and add it in since I can't write well.

My 2015 journal is a Moleskin Hobbit journal I got in sale this year at Barnes and Noble.

The bright pink notebook at the top is my 'notebook'.  It's also an ARC item.  Texter has has ARC planner and notebook, so we invested in the punch for pages since there are two of us using the same product.

I have already added file labels to the planner for January to see how I like tracking this way.  More water and being sure to take my vitamins are part of my health goals for the coming year, as is more walking.  I will also use the stickers to make sure I am writing something every day.  There is room for either a check mark to show I did it or to write actual amounts.  One page of labels (30) took care of the month.  The "plank" reference is for a challenge I wanted to do before I messed with my wrist. However, since it is a plank and not a push-up, I think I can still do it.

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