Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Word for 2015

So this year it's about pennies.  Or rather watching my pennies more carefully.  I have tried in the past to watch where my dollars go - without much success.  So this year I am starting smaller - pennies.

I have kept a change jar for years.  I can't even begin to tell you how often it came in handy for a gallon of milk or a few gallons of gas or lunch money for the girls.  Change can rack up fast.  My thought is to start small, watch the little things, and maybe the big picture will be less financial stress.

I have my jar ready for the 52 Week Money Challenge.  Actually, I have discussed with Savvy and I think she might join in.  She might become my banker for this so I can't cheat like I did this year.

Another thing I plan on doing for at least the first 30 days, is "No fast food."  That did get a bit of a glare from Savvy since she works for Qdoba.  I told her they don't count since they don't have a drive-in.  It's only places with drive-throughs.  Except Starbucks.  Like with a diet, I can't totally cut out everything.  That is my reward-to-self.  This will also help in another area which is health, by making me go back to fixing meals and taking my lunch to work and stop relying on fast food so much.  

PENNIES in 2015 it is.

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