Saturday, January 24, 2015

Artistic Differences


I had a homework assignment to take a sketch and, in Adobe Illustrator, turn it into a drawing.  I asked Savvy to draw a figure for me.  She often sketches and does so in a manga/anime style.  This was exactly what I wanted for my assignment.  She is so proud of it as it only took her a few minutes and it turned out very good.

Then I got ahold of it.  Then the trouble started.

First off, while I can identify the style, I don't sketch in 'anime/manga' and there are definite rules and structure to it.  

I thought the 'cat' was her dress and the circles were buttons.  I was informed it was the top of the cat's head.  So I go back and 'fix' it on my rendition. 

The arrows point to 'eyebrows'.  And the circle is the top of the cat's eye.  Apparently, anime/manga cats have eyebrows.  

I left my second attempt as it was.  No eyebrows on my interpretation of Savvy's sketch.

She says it looks like an angry cat.  Hey, just think what I am going to do with the real subject of my homework is going to look like.  Doris Day, I hope you forgive me.

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