Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New Semester Starts

I love school.  Actually, I love learning new things and a classroom environment, even online, keeps me focused and on target since I have deadlines and tests.

So a new semester starts today.  My books, embellished by Lady K, are on hand.  And I can't wait.  Learning more about Illustrator and how to compile my portfolio.  The later, for class, will be items designed for a graphic arts professional.  But the principles will be the same for me designing my portfolio of art and (fingers crossed) start putting it out there.

My only complaint about school starting today is that I am still in a cast and it makes things a tad difficult.  Hopefully, in 7 days, I will be in a splint which will be for support and I will have more use of my hand. 

Last semester I tried using Microsoft OneNote for my school work and using it to create a to-do list.  It worked well, but I had to have a 'device' handy to see what I needed to do.  I think I am still going to use it, but maybe printout one to-do list each week to insert into my ARC planner.  I normally carry my planner everywhere and don't need any device to see my list.  But making the list in OneNote is easy as I can copy/paste and turn into a bullet list.  And as my planner is a week on two pages, I can insert the to-do list in between and have it handy at all times.  We'll see.

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