Sunday, January 04, 2015

Weekly Review and Plans

I am slowly 'getting back on the horse' after being thrown from my plans by this broken wrist.  Even with the new cast, I still don't have the finger movement necessary to really write or type well.  And I've let it get to me.  But I am slowly regrouping and starting to move forward...which ties in well for the Week 1 prompt from Journal52.

I am also committed to Documented Life Project 2015 (DLP2015) and for January, the Flow 30 Day Journal.  My Dylusions blank journal should be here Monday or Tuesday for the DLP2015.  That journal will be a 'traditional' art journal, cutting and pasting, and paints and inks.  I decided to keep the Journal52 challenge as a digital art journal.  I am going to create a 'book' using Adobe InDeisgn and create my weekly spreads in Photoshop and Illustrator.  My plan at the moment is to have the picture on the right hand side of the spread and the prompt and my journaling on the left hand side.  By the end of the year I will have a book of my digital art.

While I have not gotten all the writing done I wanted to do, I did have my first meeting of my writing group and I am so excited.  We are a diverse group with a lot of talent and interest and ideas.  I am really looking forward to see where we go in 2015.

This past week included:

  • a drive to Missoula to the airport to drop off a friend to go back to Arizona
  • about 14 loads of laundry (girls cleaned their rooms)
  • two books read
  • received books for the new semester which starts Wednesday
  • cast switched out for a hard cast
  • made up a weeks worth of vitamin pass
This coming week I have the following I want to do:
  • create mandala for Monday's post
  • color in and send off my mandala part for #100Mandalas
  • list of books for the first month of a new book group at the library
  • typing up my journaling for December since I can't write
  • getting a chapter ready to send to writing group for critique
  • getting organized for this semester which starts Wednesday
  • get my basic layout down for my Journal52 book
  • have Savvy unearth the bin for paints and scrapbooking items out of her closet
So hopefully I have my train of creativity back on it's little path. 

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