Saturday, January 03, 2015

Pity Party

My pity party continues....some people celebrate New Year's Eve.  I, on the other hand, have been letting my lack of a hand, bother me more than I think it should.  So, since I can't do EXACTLY what I had planned, I am sitting in the corner, getting nothing (but laundry) accomplished.  And the stupid hand isn't all.  Yesterday, it was swelling up some and having spasms across the top of it.   

But I have to snap out of it.   If I continue to stick out my bottom lip, it will be covered in snow.  


  1. I hate my own pity parties , but sometimes think that it is quicker to give into self pity for a bit and get over it faster. Feel the frustration and wallow in it- set a time frame of longer than a minute. Then, shoulders back, head high and appreciate all of the things that you can- and do- accomplish! This too will pass!

  2. Aw, cheer up my dear. You take pretty photos, you wrote this, you are funny. I think it looks like "something" already. :-)


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