Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Duck Walk

About three blocks from our apartment, just across the street and down the dirt road, is the Lewis and Clark fairgrounds and a small wetlands area.  And ducks!  And 'goose'.  

Just a few of the ducks and geese which are on the lake here.  It is not unusual to hear the geese, in particular, honking at our house.  

And seagulls.  Lots of them, much to Texter's dismay (she hates seagulls).  And they are such pains when throwing bread to the ducks.

Big goose which can look Lady K in the eye.  But I think they are coming to an agreement about being fed.

Sorry for the quality, but taken with my iPhone.  Texter, who is turning slowly, but surely, into a good birdwatcher, spotted this fellow among the mallards last week.  Then we rushed home and flipped through the bird books to discover we had seen an American Wigeon.

Luckily, Canada is not that well represented among the ducks.  But there are 3-4 pairs on the lake. 

And other geese, some of which are obviously from a blended family.  Or maybe an a snow goose going from juvenile to adulthood.

Wasn't close enough to get a good picture of this fellow, even with my telephoto lens (will accept donations for a bigger lens!).  However, I think it is a Lesser Scaup.  But not sure.

Tons of mallards.  I love their feathers.  Is it wrong to use want to pluck a few?

On our latest 'duck walk', as we were walking down the dirt road, we were treated by a few 'butts'.

Actually, Texter spotted them first and was dancing around me in the middle of the road, going 'Mom, Mom, Mom' and grabbing for the camera around my neck.  They were laying in some scrub trees by the road and took off across the pasture - those big, huge white tails up in the air.  I think we ticked them off, disturbing their nap.

And a bit further up, the wildlife changed to a more domestic variety.

Guinea hens strolling across the road.  And according to the guy who came out of the house they headed to, there was a coyote running around earlier that morning.  Probably looking for a bit of poultry for breakfast.

I love it we have this wildlife just outside our door.  On the down side, is the dog's poo spot also has visitors at times coming through and they have to sniff and investigate rather than doing what they are suppose to be doing.

But I enjoy exposing Lady K to all these times of animal life, some of it right at her fingertips, if she has a bit of bread.

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