Sunday, March 01, 2015

Week in Review and 30 Days of Lists

What! It's March already!  Can't be.  At this rate, the year will be over next week.  So far, North Carolina has been closed for another week due to winter storms.  Meanwhile, we have been cold with a bit of snow flurries every now and then, but nothing major.  I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I did manage to spend a bit of time outside this past week.  I had an hour to spare before work started one day, so I strolled downtown.  This has become one of my favorite walks when I have a few minutes.

The wine store downtown shares this giant chess set with the library.  It's a lot of fun to see and when the weather gets nice, kids really love playing with it.

So this past week the following occurred:

  • Savvy's first full week as manager.
  • Picked up my 'new' 'old' car (basically all paid off)
  • Writing group
  • First meeting of a new nonfiction book group at the library.
  • Wrote about 4000 words total this past week, about half on a new story
  • Rearranged my bedroom and hung shelves
  • Yoga 3 days in my room now that I have space
  • Walked 50,419 steps or 23.06 miles
  • Set up my altar in my room
  • Assisted Texter is setting up 2 aquariums (10 gallon and a 2.5 gallon)
  • Didn't do all the homework I was suppose to do
I am jazzed about the amount of walking and stretching I have managed to get in this past week.  I am a bit stiff today from the yoga stretches, but since I have the flexibility of a dry stick, it's a good thing.  I plan on doing another routine before work today (switched my days off with a co-worker so she could be out of town).

But today starts the 30 Days of Lists.  I have decided to do mine on index cards rather than creating a book for it.  Something small and quick, which I can decorate or not.  Then I will slip them into my regular journal.

With the 'help' of Lady K, I created my first list...

I can't wait for the rest of the month.

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