Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week In Review

Sick...that's it, just sick.  Friday before last, the old 'tickle-in-the-throat' started and by Monday it was 'can-you-please-just-shoot-me' time.  It's bad when even a two year old moves a trash can into your room for all the kleenex on the floor.

And this is how I have to read a lot of times.  A have a friend who posts pretty pictures of kittens on her lap while reading.  Me, I get 30 pounds of Lady K on mine!

Besides the illness, this past week was pretty uneventful except for Lady K turned 2!  Complete with cupcakes Texter/Mommy made.  

Otherwise - 

  • 5 posts to blog
  • 6 books read
  • 24,880 steps or 11.39 miles
  • manicure and pedicure plus a haircut to up my spirits
  • purchased some new art supplies
  • 47 cent pair of new jeans bought for Savvy and my 47 cent sweater
  • discovered a new BBQ place which will be opening up soon (I hope)
I have a to-do list which needs to be started on and more coffee to consume!

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