Sunday, March 08, 2015

Week In Review

It's been a crazy week in that normally I am off on Sundays these days.  However, last Sunday and this Sunday I am working for someone.  Luckily, she is working my Friday's, but it is a change to my routine and you know how I like my routine.  One weekend trade was for her and the other for me, so it all works out well.

This past week I remember my vitamins only half the time.  I am in a dilemma.  If I leave them 'out' where I can see and remember them, little hands and eyes go for them.  So I have them in a drawer so they can't be eaten as candy.  Or the dog gets them and tears the zip lock bag open and eats them - not good either.  So I am going to have to come up with a new spot for them so I can see them and remember to take them.

Steps - 31,676 or 14.48 miles  Thursday and Friday's steps were not recorded as my fitbit ran out of juice.  Not bad, hoping for more miles as the weather gets nicer.

Photo by Caitlan Hudgins

So we finally made our way across the road (and down a little dirt road) to the fairgrounds to check out the playground.  It is bigger than the one we have a couple of blocks from the house.  So now we have two to chose from.

What I/we didn't realize was the 'wetlands' area with all the water fowl.  I knew it was there because you can often hear the honking from the house, but I didn't really know what all was there.  Tons of mallards, a couple of pairs of wood ducks and several domestic geese.  The normal little white geese and the 'honking big' white and brown geese.  They're tame and will actually let you pet them as they try and get to anything they think might be eatable.  

Problem is, those big geese are eye level with Lady K and she's not sure about them.  They are big and noisy and just a bit scary.  Especially when you are walking away to go to the playground and here they come after you, running and honking.  But she does like throwing bread out for them, so I can see a lot of trips across the road this spring and summer.

But it seems my photography is rubbing off on other family members.  Texter took this panoramic shot of the little lake there with the geese (and the ice still on part of it).  As you can see, no shortage of mallard ducks.

Yesterday was a writing 'workshop' for my writing group.  Three of us were there and cranked out a nice lot of words.  I hit almost 5800 for the day.  Matt hit 10,000 on his story and Lisa hit over 5000.  So it was successful I feel.  I have a note on my calendar to reserve rooms for Nano when the time opens up for them at the library.  

So I have two goals for the next week. One is to take the several stories I have started and to 'organize' my work a bit better and then commit to one to work on and finish up.  Matt has me itching to get something 'published'. And the second one is to take documents and pictures off my main computer and put it on a secondary hard drive to free up 'working' space on my main.

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