Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week in Review

Warning: lots of pictures....

It has been one of those weeks where I feel like nothing was accomplished, but in fact, in looking back, a lot really happened this past week.  

First off, the weather has been beautiful.  So much so I have a little 'portable' herb garden going with sage, rosemary, flat-leaf parsley and thyme in it.  I can bring it in at night when the temperatures drop and set it outside during the day.

The most important thing this week was a trip to Great Falls to pick up 'Waggy'.

Lady K turns 2 on the 24th and we decided on one big present for her birthday.  She has a ton of clothes and toys and we thought this would be more appreciated, used and useful.  It didn't take her long to get the hang of "Waggy", as she calls it.  We picked it up on Wednesday and Thursday took it for a spin to the library and back.  Six miles of pulling Waggy for Texter and me.  Toward the end Lady K was a bit beat with all the coming and going.  

But we stopped by Park City Bakery for a slice of pizza for Texter and Lady K and tomato/basil soup for me.

Lady K is fond of their pizza.  However, my soup, which was really, really good turned into a 'dip' for pizza and my roll.

While in Great Falls on Wednesday, we stopped and let Savvy take a look around the downtown area.  She had never been.  One of the stores apparently puts out a rack from 4-6pm and marks everything on it $25.  Savvy and Texter both snagged jackets for their cosplay outfit for MisCon in May.  However, I am cringing because Savvy's jacket was originally $180 and Texter's $114 and they plan on 'distressing' them, i.e. putting holes and patches in them.  I keep telling myself they were only $25.

Savvy and her $180 jacket soon to be as distressed as her mother!  With regards to MisCon, I have my outfit planned and picked up a journal to be used by my character during MisCon, but also for Fake Journal Month which starts in April.  More about that later.

Backing up a bit, Tuesday night writing group was only me and one other person, Matt.  However, we both created what I felt were really good stories for our prompts and in running an idea by him, I got some really good praise and admonishments to "Write!".  The storyline I came up with is the backstory for our characters for MisCon which I have fleshed out a bit.  It was based on a dream and some ideas from Savvy.  When I let her read what I had written, she was fired up and ready to go.  Our stories are going to mesh well and can actually turn into a series.

We made 3-4 trips over to feed the ducks this week.  While Lady K is still not too sure about the 'dooks' and 'goooose', she has the idea of throwing chips and bread down.

I am going to have to sneak over one afternoon with my camera and telephoto lens to get some really good pictures of the water fowl.  There are several pairs of wood ducks which I would love to get some good pictures off.  Hopefully, this coming week we will be making a trip to Freezout Lake to see thousands of swans, snow geese and ducks migrating.

Also this week I got a Buddha Board.  I have wanted one, but just couldn't justify the expense.  Savvy got one in her irl box this month and graciously turned it over to me.

It's basically a piece of 'rock' and you paint on it with water.  The picture only stays for a few minutes and then evaporates.  It is a lot of fun to play with and very relaxing.  

But the irl box she received is something which started a year or so ago when she was down in Arizona.  I subscribed to Merchbox which usually had a CD or two and a few other 'geeky' items in it.  Being the music buff she is, and loving indie music, this was a win-win.  They stopped Merchbox for a few months and came back as irl box and you get a card with a code to download the music.  And still 'geeky' things too.

Texter and I realized this week Lady K has been watching her Aunt Savvy too much and is into taking selfies when she can get her hands on the phone....or kitty cat, as she calls it.  Because of the stupid cat app I downloaded which she loves.

Our selfie from the airport where we were waiting for a friend to arrive on Friday.  She had her arms out and was trying her hardest to take the pictures.

With the 10-14 hour days Savvy has been working (and loving it - whipping 'her store' into shape), we did manage a little down time.  First was drinks at Triple Divide.

I can understand why people have 'their bar'.  We have gotten to know the bartenders and they make fantastic drinks.  Usually there is a 'special' drink monthly and we HAVE to go in and try it.  The latest had lavender syrup, cucumber, ginger and ginger beer - right up Savvy's alley - had a bite to it.  Not so much me.  Good, but I like my 'sweet' drinks.  Luckily, Josh (the head bartender) came over and asked about it and made me something else.  Savvy polished off my drink for me so it wouldn't go to waste!

Then last night she kidnapped me (as much as you can kidnap the driver of a car) and we went and saw "Kingsman".  Over the top spy spoof, but with Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson, it was great.  Glad we went and saw it despite the fact I snuck in wearing an old pair of sweat pants and t-shirt and looking like hell's half acre.  But the movie was starting and I didn't have time to run home and change.

Earlier yesterday, since it was Pi-day, I made pies.  Savvy wanted apple and Texter chocolate.


One thing I always seem to 'accidentally' do when making chocolate pies is having extra filling.  So sad.

But for the week I also managed...
  • received 3 postcards from Postcrossing
  • walked 47,690 steps or 26.39 miles
  • finished 3 books
  • vitamins 4 days
  • squats and planks 3 days
  • World of Warcraft action with Texter
So overall, while I thought it really wasn't a busy week, as it turns out it was pretty productive after all.

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