Monday, April 13, 2015

Mandala Monday

No mandala today.  Have 'car' issues and am bumming about it.  I hate it when the car doesn't work. Anyway, I worked my way through some techniques from the book Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks for Designers by Corey Baker. I had volume two we used in a class last semester and enjoyed it and borrowed this one on interlibrary loan.  

Juba Seedcrone is the character in a book I am currently working on.  So instead of my name, I used her's. This lesson was all about 'cracks' and creating a brush to allow you to make cracks.

Savvy in her raiders outfit for MisCon. She wanted gritty and edgy, so I tried to give her gritty and edgy.

I like this one.  Several different techniques and created a 'tree' via Photoshop.

And finally, my reminder to 'write'. A few techniques learned here.

I enjoy working through tutorials, mainly because it makes me use tools in Photoshop I didn't know existed or didn't know it did 'this' or 'that'.  A fun way to spent a few hours.

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  1. and after success here, you went out and fixed your car on your own! Yay for you! Keep up the great work.


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