Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week In Review

It's been an interesting week.  Several things, large and small, going on.  

The first was the Anti-Bullying Law passed by the Montana government and signed into law by the governor.  I had a semi-ringside seat as a friend, whose son has been bullied and no remedy from the school, was actively involved with her son.  It was gratifying to see it pass and for him to be right there the whole way.

On the home front, the most exciting news was this....

Savvy has a tattoo now.  This one was a bit of a family endeavor.  She had the idea of what she wanted.  Texter, who draws great tattoo art, is very into all things tattoo and knows tons on the subject.  She drew a preliminary sketch and advised Savvy on a couple of items.  Then the artist refined it a bit.  I was taxi service and lotion spreader.

On a less dramatic front, Texter had a yard sale with her Nagucon group (scifi/fantasy convention group based in Helena).  Got rid of a ton of books, primarily.  However, in picking her up, there was a small, drop-leaf dining table and 2 chairs - $20.  As I had spent the morning cleaning up the living area, I knew just where it would go.  And it did!  So now we have a table where we can actually sit down and eat.  Perhaps more importantly, it is a place Lady K can sit and color while I'm cooking.  And in the fall, where Texter can spread out and study some.  And it really doesn't reduce the walking area through the apartment.  Now for a vase of flowers to go on it.

In other areas, I accomplished the following...

  • mailed a handful of postcards to postcrossing people and a couple of friends
  • wrote and created an envelope and mailed a huge, long letter to a friend and ex-co-worker
  • read 10 books (actually, finished leafing through 5 which were either cookbooks or manuals and finished up 5 actual books)
  • had blood drawn for my physical this coming week
  • walked 41,733 steps or 19.10 miles
  • set out my vitamins for the week, but only managed to take them 2 days!
Meal planning, walking, vitamins and the like are getting ready to take a bit turn for the better.  Not only to I have some health goals in mind for myself, my employer is offering some financial incentive to do certain things this year.  The goal of $300 is enticing for meeting them.  Of course, once I tell Savvy and Texter there is a monetary gain to be had, they will be on my case too!

Today, my room gets a bit of straightening and cleaning.  Some writing and planning and hopefully, a bit of knitting too.

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